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These are like the polar opposite of the infomercial gif

how do you turn on that air conditioner. how.

I bet he has a trick shot for that as well.

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Faking it: A Summary

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I like alcoholic beverages on special occasions… and it just so happens that I think life is super special. All the time.
- Grace Helbig (via nancycatmewmew)
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Sarah had braids instead of dreads. I want to know who braided it for her. I can’t picture Sarah having the patience to sit there and braid her own hair.

Buuut I can imagine Cosima sat on the couch braiding her hair whilst telling her the plan won’t work and to try and avoid Delphine unless she wants to get busted

I’m just picturing Cosima and Felix sitting on fee’s couch with Sarah on the floor between them, each of them braiding one side of her head. While smoking pot.

While Sarah is trying to pick up Cosima’s accent

and Felix tells Sarah to do ‘the hand thing’ and Cosima’s like ‘what hand thing-oh’ and then trying to defend that she doesn’t wave her hands that much only to meet looks of ‘yeah ya do’

Sarah trying to replicate Cosima’s makeup in the mirror and Cosima just shaking her head as she watches from the door because ‘no, you’re doing it all wrong, there’s a certain finesse to it’ and rolling her eyes before giving Sarah her glasses and telling her in no uncertain terms to come back with them in one piece ‘cause damn if she isn’t a blind old lady without them

and then Cosima being like, “no i am not that nerdy stop acting like a freaking nerd. I AM NOT THAT NERDY!!! STOP FLAILING YOUR ARMS AROUND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE TRYING TO TAKE FLIGHT”

and then Sarah notices Cosima’s head tilt and then does a slightly less graceful and kinda exaggerated version of it at the DYAD party as if she has to remember “right, Cosima does this at every other sentence or something”. All while trying to pretend Cosima’s glasses don’t make her see into the future cuz they’re so strong.

and the hands. the talking haaannddssssss

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My life looks the same, but I’m not. I’ve changed.

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Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw

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am i gay enough yet

am i gay enough yet

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